3 Business Tips for Coming Up With the Perfect Business Name

The name that you choose for your venturing business is a major part of the brand that you are creating. An easy to remember name that explains what your business does helps you connect with customers. When choosing names for your business ideas, there is a lot to consider, including trademark research, determining if there are other businesses or entities using that name, and if there are any legal issues that could prevent you from using the name.

Along with these concerns, there is the complicated process of actually choosing the right name. To help you out, examine these 3 business tips for coming up with the perfect business name.

#1 – Search Domain Names

In the modern market, you need to have a strong web presence in order to get sales. This is true, even when you are focused on a local market. People will often head to the internet and research your company, or your products and services, before making a purchase. Studies show that people put trust in businesses with a quality website with an easy to remember web address.


With this in mind, as you start considering different names for your business ideas, do a search and see if the exact names that you are thinking about using are available as domain names. For example, if you are thinking of calling your venturing business “Pete’s Dog Collars”, then make sure that www.petesdogcollars.com is available. If a customer has to type in something unusual, such as dog-collars-petes, your business loses a small amount of credibility.

#2 – New Domain Extensions Can Attract Customers

While you should try to choose a company name with an available domain, you do not necessarily have to use a dot com domain name extension. There are dozens of newer domain name extensions available, and they often cost less than a dot com domain name. Try to find a domain name extension that is relevant to your business ideas. As an example, if you were starting a photography business, then look into the availability of domain names with the .photography extension, such as mybusiness.photography.

#3 – Keep it Short and Sweet

As far as the actual name that you decide on – keep it short and sweet. You want a name that people will be able to remember and also helps to describe what your business does. With millions of businesses, this is more important than ever. In the past, businesses could get away with creating a single word name, without referencing what it is that they do – such as Nike. Some business experts recommend keeping your name to 6 letters or less, but this is simply not realistic anymore. Having a descriptive name can help with search engine results and allow customers to remember what it is that you sell.


For a balance between catchy and descriptive, try coming up with a short name first, and then add a small descriptive name to it. As an example, you want to name your window installation company Velcor. That name may be short enough and catchy enough to remember, but no one will know what it is that you do. To remedy this, consider adding a descriptive title to the name, such as “Velcor Windows” or “Velcor Home Furnishings”.

Choosing a name for your venturing business could be one of the most important decisions that you have to make. As you begin exploring ideas, remember to search the availability of domain names and look into interesting and catchy domain name extensions. Also try to create a balance between catchy and descriptive. If you remember these business tips, the process of coming up with the perfect business name may not be as challenging.



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